The 巴黎人线上注册处 at CCNY

The 巴黎人线上注册处 (OR) at CCNY is headed by the Associate Provost for 巴黎人线上注册, Dr. Rosemarie威臣. Dr. Wesson studied chemical engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She was the first African-American woman to receive a PhD in chemical engineering from the University of Michigan. She has worked at the National Science Foundation, Louisiana State University and Dow Chemical Company. Before assuming this role, Dr. Wesson was the Associate Dean of 巴黎人线上注册 at the Grove School of Engineering at CCNY.

There are several offices under her leadership, working together to ensure active 巴黎人线上注册 on campus with full compliance in ethics, safety and social responsibility, while advancing our knowledges in humanities, 艺术, 教育, social issues and STEM fields. 这些办事处是:

  • The Office of 巴黎人线上注册合规 & 道德(远端控制设备) expects to further the College’s fundamental mission of excellence in teaching, 巴黎人线上注册, and service by promoting and providing campus-wide 教育 and safety in the conduct of all 巴黎人线上注册 activities; incorporating and adhering to the highest standards set forth in ethical and 巴黎人线上注册 integrity; and establishing a cooperative framework for 巴黎人线上注册 compliance that will foster a cultural awareness of responsibility and conscience for 巴黎人线上注册-related Federal and State laws, regulations and policies.  RCE's objectives include providing information and support to City College’s 巴黎人线上注册 community, and ensuring those systems are in place to facilitate 巴黎人线上注册ers’ adherence to the laws, rules and policies governing their 巴黎人线上注册 activities in a safe, 有效的, 高效的方式.  巴黎人线上注册合规 and 安全 aims to be proactive in anticipating and preventing 巴黎人线上注册 related problems before they arise without impairing the 巴黎人线上注册.
  • The Office of Grants and 赞助项目 (GSP) is to provide the CCNY campus with professional guidance and administrative support for all externally funded 巴黎人线上注册 and other sponsored project activities.
  • The 动物护理机构 (ACF) is responsible for managing all facilities in which animals are maintained for teaching and 巴黎人线上注册 programs at City College. We offer resources for campus 教师, students and 工作人员 in their 巴黎人线上注册 related activities through training and technical assistance.

此外, 巴黎人线上注册开发 at the 巴黎人线上注册处 is to expand the 巴黎人线上注册 portfolio of CCNY, provide 巴黎人线上注册ers on campus information of external funding opportunities, and to assist the 巴黎人线上注册 team in developing strong proposals to compete in 巴黎人线上注册 funding.

与 The Office of Environmental 健康 & Occupational 安全 (EHOS), CCNY is committed to protecting the health and welfare of students, 教师, 工作人员, and visitors while at the City College of New York (CCNY).  Together we maintain a healthy and safe campus and foster a culture of safety throughout the college.

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